Lead Coach: Olivia Rotolo 


Swim Team Coordinator

Little 'Cudas:


The Lil 'Cudas program (Separate Sign Up Form than Barracudas Swim Team): DO NOT register them as a TEAM swimmer or you will pay the ASA fees. The Lil 'Cudas program was created for children between the ages of 3-7, who are not yet ready for the BIG swim team experience, but who are interested in learning how to swim like one of the “big kids”. Space is limited to the first 20 and it will fill up (Practices are June M/W/F).

How do I sign up for Little 'Cudas online? CLICK HERE for the form - First come, First served! (and only if) you have swimmer siblings and want to pay for Lil 'Cudas online, I have added a line item under the merchandise section. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THEM AS SWIMMERS. USE THIS GOOGLE FORM. Only the form holds a spot. Payment of Lil 'Cudas fees can be done through the MERCHANDISE section of registration if registering older swimmers on Swimtopia in addition to your Lil 'Cuda, or via Venmo referred to in the Google Form if this is your only swimmer.

***AM Sessions ONLY from 11:00-11:30 M/W/F during June

The Little 'Cudas program is designed for children between the ages of 3-7, who are not yet ready for the swim team experience, but who are interested in learning how to swim like one of the “big kids.” It is our hope that this program will encourage these swimmers to join the swim team some day soon! If swimmers can swim the whole length of the pool, you may want to inquire about joining Swim Team instead. 

**Participants will be accompanied by a support coach in the water. Cudas should be comfortable being in a pool without a flotation device or family member in the water with them.

There are no team suit or cap requirements, but hair pulled back goggles are highly encouraged.

This class has a limit of 20 kids. The Cudas Form & Payment must be completed to reserve your spot. Those 20 will be notified for confirmation before lessons begin.

The Little 'Cudas will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, 11:00 am – 11:30 am, at the Briarcliff Woods Beach Club pool.  They will be practicing in the 3 lanes alongside the 6 & Under swim team practice.  Bring your little ones sun screened and ready to have fun!

Parent MUST stay during practices, but it is encouraged that parents step back and allow the coaches to attend to the students as they get comfortable with them. 

The schedule will be targeted (but not limited) to work on the following:

● Week of May 30-June 3 (W/F) Monday is Memorial Day-No Practice

- meet & get comfortable with the water and coaches, bubble blowing, breath

control and floating

● Week of June 6 -10 (M/W/F)

- assess ability levels, floating ability, learn streamline and flutter kicking

● Week of June 13-17 (M/W/F)

- continue floating, practice streamline and flutter kicking, introduce arm

coordination for freestyle

  • Week of June 20-24 (M/W/F*)

- continue floating, practice streamline and flutter kicking, practice arm

coordination for freestyle

*Friday, June 24 - Little ‘Cudas "swim meet" Fun with coaches to show what they've learned! 

We’ll look forward to seeing you in the pool!!!


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