Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Think you can build a boat out of cardboard and duck tape? and then have your kids paddle it the length of the pool without sinking?

This is the challenge for you!  The boats can be simple as a taped up box or elaborate as your imagination - Just no cheating, motors or any material other than duck tape, cardboard and your creativity.

WHEN: Saturday, August 5, 2023 | 4 PM


AWARDS:  Fastest Boat,

Best Looking Boat,

Most Spectacular Sinking



•Boat must be made before the race.

•Boats must be made of only cardboard or corrugated cardboard and duct tape. Cardboard may not have any wax, resin or vinyl coating.

•Wood, plastic or plastic wrap, fiberglass, metal, Styrofoam or other materials that would aid in floatation or make the boat more rigid are prohibited.

•Cardboard cannot be sealed with any paint or sealants.

•Duct tape may be of varying colors for creativity but must have come manufactured in that color.

•Boats may be a maximum width of 4ft and a maximum length of 6ft. There is no maximum height requirement.

•Boats must be partially enclosed or permit the crew to remain fully on top of the vessel without dangling extremities.

•Boats must be propelled by the use of hands and/or cardboard paddles. No artificial paddles are allowed. The paddles must meet the same requirement for construction as the boats.

•Any team that violates the design and construction rules, will be disqualified


•Boats will be designed to race with a 1 or 2-person crew.

•The race must begin and end with the 1 or 2-person crew intact.

•Swimming and/or pulling the boat, or the use of lane lines will result with disqualification.

•Each boat will travel one length of the pool.

•Time from heats will determine the fastest boat.

•The fastest 6 boats will race at the end, if their boats are intact.

Cardboard Boats are only allowed in the pool for the race and not allowed after the race is complete

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